Restaurant Review: Mikado Sushi

A few weeks ago, I was bemoaning the loss of Sushiman, and discovered soon after that Nagoya Sushi was going to close their Metro West doors and open at the old Sushiman location. (They expect to open the first week of December – we can only hope!) Since Nagoya’s closing, I discovered Tomo Sushi, so I’ve still been able to feed my miso soup cravings.

Yesterday, I received a menu flyer on my car for Mikado Sushi, which, oddly enough, is in the old Nagoya Sushi location. Since today has been an awful, overcast and rainy day, I felt it was a good day for some miso soup decided to give Mikado Sushi a try. Mind you, I can’t have raw fish, so whatever sushi I get is strictly of the vegetarian variety.

Mikado Sushi’s prices are comparable to Nagoya and Tomo, but their servings looked a little larger. My pot of tea (completely refillable, mind you) was larger, my bowl of miso soup was larger, and my AAC rolls had more avocado and asparagus (and less cucumber) than Nagoya Sushi’s version. (Tomo has Fresh Rolls, which have lettuce, avocado and cucumber and are considerably thinner.) They also had the best soy sauce I’ve tasted in a while; my guess is that it is the Kimlan brand, but I can’t be certain. There’s always the possibility they added sugar to the soy sauce, but whatever it was, it was very good soy sauce.

The miso soup was a little lacking – of the places I’ve mentioned, Tomo Sushi’s is the best. I found I needed to add a little soy sauce to my bowl to get the flavor to my liking. The disturbing thing is that this pregnancy has caused my taste buds to be overly sensitive to salt, so if I thought it was bland, it would have been extremely bland to my non-pregnant taste buds.

The AAC rolls were seasoned just right – I can’t quite describe it, but I didn’t feel compelled to add wasabi to every piece as I recently have at visits to the other establishments. Also, the edamame was not coated in salt (or peppered, something that I still don’t understand), but simply boiled in salty water, the way I would make it at home if I could find edamame at my local grocery store and the way Sushiman used to prepare it.

The green tea was a little bitter, not the smooth flavor I was expecting. It evoked memories of the green tea I had at the Golden Dragon in LA’s Chinatown. It wasn’t terrible – it was actually good for Chinese tea – but it wasn’t what I expected.

Overall, it was a good experience, though I wouldn’t say it’s my most favorite place in the world. The service was prompt and friendly, and the bar did not smell like fish at all (a very good sign). It was very well lit and had a nice, welcoming atmosphere. My only deterrents were the miso soup and the green tea, which are really my primary cravings when I visit sushi restaurants. I do think, however, that I will likely return to Mikado for to-go orders.

But I think it may also be worthwhile to sample their fish offerings post-pregnancy.


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