Use your inside voice!

At dinner last night with Jen, I realized something very important.

There’s your inside voice, and then there’s your inside voice.

The first is the voice you use when you’re not outdoors (hence, inside). It’s the non-shouting voice that my sister occasionally asks my nieces to use when they’re playing inside the house.

The second is the voice that’s in your head that you should never let out – the one that makes all those honest-yet-snide comments. Sometimes, and it’s become more frequent lately, I forget to use this inside voice and find myself blurting out whatever comes to mind. I blame both my work environment and my spouse on this metamorphosis. My husband warned me when we first met that he was brutally honest. Amazingly, it’s only taken 11 years for it to rub off on me.

The realization hit when I was talking to Jen and decided, yes, as a matter of fact, she does say whatever pops into her head without censoring it first. She also hasn’t learned to use the not-outside inside voice, or hasn’t practiced it lately. And it made me laugh.


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