My taste buds are totally out of whack!

I had a monster craving for miso soup today, so I went to Nagoya Sushi (right down the road from me, but only for the rest of this week because they’re moving locations and re-opening in December) to feed the craving. I don’t feel so bad having cravings for healthier things like miso soup and edamame – I figure there are lots worse things to eat.

Anyway, I had some vegetable rolls, also (they have one called AAC – it’s avocado, asparagus and cucumber and VERY yummy!), and with those, I ate ALL the wasabi they gave me (that never happens) and all of the ginger (again, never happens). For some odd reason, I just found that I liked the way it tasted. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not about to get a tube of wasabi and squirt it on everything that I eat. But it was really very good.

So now I’m hungry again, and I don’t have anything worthwhile to eat here at work. I have to make a mental note to get some rolls to go the next time I’m there. That will probably be later this week, though not tomorrow because I have a lunch meeting. I don’t think I’ve kicked the miso soup craving, though I’m good on edamame, I think, for a little while. And I’m crazy enough to keep soy sauce at my desk. 🙂

I don’t know what I’m going to do for dinner tonight… I don’t have any food in the fridge that I feel like eating, except the remains of a pumpkin pie that I didn’t finish over the weekend (had to pace myself). I can always just make pasta with a tomato sauce – that’s a good standby.


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