Just finished an apple…

I wanted something sweet, but not too sweet, and I read somewhere that when a pregnant woman has a craving for sweets, she should follow her ancestors’ example and go in search of berries instead of devouring an entire plate of cookies. Well, there are no berry bushes in the office, and going in search of sweets means raiding others’ supplies of candy corn and other Halloween candy. So, I asked around for an apple and, lo and behold, my neighbor actually had one! While the apple wasn’t as good as a cinnamon bun or a churro (which is what I really wanted – with a tall glass of milk!), it was still really tasty and satisfied that craving for sweets. And it was healthier than a cinnamon bun.

Of course, that same article didn’t say what to go in search of when I’m craving something sour or salty… Go figure.

I’ve been getting heartburn and indigestion lately, which is really very odd for me. (I also have a tendency to belch really loudly after eating.) All of these things have made me very conscious about whatever I’m feeling in the general belly area. I know that if there are sharp pains very low in the abdomen, that would be bad; higher up means the baby isn’t being affected, but it’s still not comfortable for me.

Cute Husband and I are both excited about our appointment on Tuesday, though I’m really not looking forward to stepping on the scale at the doctor’s office. I’m afraid he’s going to tell me to stop eating pasta, and right now, that’s my most favorite thing in the world to eat (especially with a nice tomato sauce… yum!). I try so hard to balance out my diet (I only hit the vending machine three times a week for potato chips!), but I still feel like I’m putting on more weight than I should. Seeing the doctor again will help alleviate that, I hope.


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