The price of maternity clothes…

I realized, as I was getting dressed this morning, how very fortunate I am to work in a company where the dress code, for all intents and purposes, is your own. (Side note – doesn’t it drive you nuts when someone says, “For all intensive purposes”? What the hell is an “intensive purpose”?)

Since I’ve been slowly losing my waist, I’ve been living in my new maternity jeans. No, I really have. I specifically did the wash yesterday because both pairs of jeans were dirty, and I desperately wanted to wear them again. I can still wear one of my (larger) T-shirts, top it off with a hoodie (or other jacket, since my office is always so freakin’ cold!), and slip on some sandals or (my new favorite) backless tennis shoes.

Realizing that my concert tees will only last me so long – and remembering that with the holidays upon us, I really ought to get at least one nice dress (if for no other reason than to wear at my sister-in-law’s wedding). It’s hard for me to digest, though; this is a dress that I really won’t wear over and over again, no matter how hard I try to kid myself. So, can I really justify spending $80-$100 for a single dress?

And what if I was working for a company with a much more stringent dress code policy? How would I be able to justify spending a few hundred dollars on career separates that I would only be able to wear for about 6 or 7 months? These are the kinds of things that men don’t need to worry about when they’re awaiting the births of their children. And while women have been having children for several thousand years now, I don’t think the notion of career wear really entered into their minds until about 40 years ago or so. No wonder it wasn’t fashionable to be pregnant at the height of the sexual revolution! Who wants to worry about finding appropriate career attire when you’re trying to claw your way up the corporate ladder?

But I digress.

My maternity clothing expenses, to date, only total about $150 – the amount I spent during my Old Navy shopping spree. I discovered, easily my new favorite clothing site, and found a nice social occasion dress for a very reasonable price! This may well be a dress that will never be worn again, so I can live with that expense. I’m just still having a lot of difficulty understanding how (or why) a woman would be willing to spend close to a thousand dollars for clothes that won’t get but a few months of wear.

I think the fashion industry makes a killing on their maternity and infant clothes. Both are necessary; both types will only get limited wear; and yet, both types are still ridiculously priced!

So, could you imagine how much my limited clothing budget would be stretched if Ididn’t work at a company with such a lenient dress code?


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