I fed the cravings monster…

Once again, I gave into my cravings. I tried so hard to resist getting a Burrito Supreme, but 24 hours is about as far as I can go, I think. I did a Taco Bell run today and got a Burrito Supreme, a Taco Supreme, and a bean burrito.  Here’s what I’ve learned.

I don’t like the sauce on the burritos. While I inhaled the Burrito Supreme, I opened up the bean burrito and scooped out the beans and cheese, avoiding the burrito sauce (and leaving behind the tortilla). Surprisingly, my favorite of the three ended up being the Taco Supreme – though it didn’t have the refried beans I so desperately wanted.

I’m also fairly certain I won’t have this craving again for quite some time. My stomach feels okay (unlike the last time I ate something from Taco Bell), just full. It’s just as well; I’ve ingested about 1100 calories for lunch (the 3 things from Taco Bell plus my frozen dinner a few hours ago).

So, now I just need to hydrate myself to make up for all of the excess sodium I’ve just put into my system. And wow – am I tired!


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