Weird dreams and awful smells

So, I’ve been having all sorts of weird and crazy dreams.

I dreamt that Cute Husband decided he wanted to go shopping for a piano because it will be important for our child to play an instrument. I asked him if we could get a guitar instead, or maybe a drum kit, but he insisted that, no, our child needs to learn to play the piano. And then he proceeded to sit at the piano in the store and told me that with a good teacher and a little practice, our child would be able to play at least as well as him (Cute Husband is not, by any means, a concert pianist, but in my dream he was playing like a pro). Apparently, while sleeping, I asked Cute Husband aloud where we were going to put the piano, to which he, of course, replied that we weren’t going to get one.


As I type, I’m eating some strawberries that were on a platter with brownies. Everyone in the office is going nuts over the brownies; I went into the break room and took all the strawberries. There were only 5, so it’s not like I hoarded. Anyway, some chocolate got on all the strawberries, and I’ve been able to isolate what it is about the chocolate that I really don’t like: it’s bitter. Just as well – it leaves more for the rest of the world!

So, about awful smells…  Yesterday, Cute Husband was cooking chicken and I swear it was the worst smell in the world. And today, walking through the grocery store, I passed the deli where they were cooking chicken, and it was AWFUL!  (Yes, I meant to yell “awful”.  Really loud.) I also discovered yesterday that I don’t like the smell of caramel. It doesn’t make me gag, but it’s too sweet and I don’t like it.

The thing is, I can eat chicken – I have no problem once it’s already cooked. It’s the cooking process, I think, that puts my gag reflexes in overdrive.

Eleven weeks down, only 29 (about) more to go!  Can’t say I’m a really big fan of pregnancy yet…


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