Forays into Fast Food

After watching Supersize Me, my husband swore off fast food.  I’m not a huge fan of burgers to begin with (and my last visit to Taco Bell upset my stomach within 15 minutes of finishing my bean and cheese burrito), so steering clear of fast food joints isn’t terribly difficult for me.  But at lunch today, something in my belly said, “Chili!” (Keep in mind the office is very cold, so I’m usually wanting a very hot lunch.)  And not any chili would do – no, I was really jonesing for Wendy’s chili.

So, I definitely broke my fast food chain fast. Not that it’s any great comfort, but everything came from the dollar menu (chili, baked potato, small fries).  And everything is so incredibly tasty.  A giant glass of water to wash everything down, and my tummy is happily content.

Let’s see how my bowels feel later, though.   That’s an entirely different story (but will not be a post) altogether.


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