Tomatoes are on their way!

I have a tomato plant that I have been nurturing now since, oh, before Cute Husband and I were married in April. In fact, it was before the first of many managers at my old job gave his notice, so yes, it’s been quite a while.  And in those many months, nothing – no sign of life except for the numerous leaves and occasional flower.

So, you can only imagine my surprise earlier this week when, lo and behold, there are 3 little green things growing where the flowers once were!  And upon closer examination, there was another little green thing, bringing the total to 4!

I’m very excited about my tomatoes for several reasons:

1 – It means I don’t have a completely black thumb, after all (though my out-of-control sweet basil plant could have told me that)

2 – It’s my first real attempt at growing something that produces fruit (next plant: jalapeno pepper!)

3 – If I grow enough tomatoes, I’ll actually be able to make a marinara sauce completely from home-grown ingredients (except for onions and garlic – those will still have to come from the store for now)

Now, my husband laughed at that last bit – 4 tomatoes will not make a whole lot of sauce.  But it’s a start.  And one day, when I’m growing jalapenos and cilantro, I may even be able to make pico de gallo from home-grown ingredients.

But I’m excited about my 4 tomatoes all the same.


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