On keys and key rings

I just looked at my keys and discovered a key that probably does open something, only I don’t know what it is. It’s not something in our house, and it’s not the key to my gym lock, so I have no idea what it is.  Judging by the Haworth stamp on it, I’m going to venture a guess that it was to some office furniture I inhabited in an earlier life. (I have since thrown it away.)

There are a few other keys that I could probably leave at home, and looking at my collection, it also begs the question, “Do I really need 3 key chains?”  One is a KROQ key chain – only my favorite radio station of all time.  Then I have a CBS key chain (KROQ’s parent company and home of some of my favorite TV shows), and a bright pink clippie thing that I took off a slot club card stretchy thing from the Riviera.  The clippie thing comes in handy because I clip my keys to my purse strap so that I don’t lose them in the bottomless pit that I call a purse. (I wish I could do the same for my phone, but that’s another post altogether.  I could also probably stand to get another purse, too, but we’ll cross that bridge another day.) Oh, and I have a small Burberry Blue Label tag that came off of a faux Burberry purse a few years ago.  I put it on my keys so that I could reattach it to the zipper, but I never got around to reattaching it.  C’est la vie.

I have my car key (of course), my house key (which I rarely use), the garage door key (can’t remember the last time I used it), my Club key (which I rarely use – it’s a remnant of my LA days), and Jen’s house key (which hasn’t ever been used, but there’s no telling when she’ll call me and ask me to feed her still nonexistent plants, so I shouldn’t take it off).  I keep the key to my gym lock on a separate stretchy thing that I can just slip around my wrist while I’m working out, so that’s why it’s not with my regular keys.  I don’t think having 5 keys is bad – I once had 11 on my key ring, but that was also in a former life.

So, now I work with somewhat touristy merchandise, and I wonder, “Do keys really say something about a person?” It makes me wonder.  If someone found my keys on the street, would they be able to piece together a story about me? Is there really that degree of personalization when keys are involved? After all, these are something that you carry with you on a near-constant basis, but I don’t have anything on my keys that indicate where I work or even the general town where I live.  Is it really possible to give a level of personality to something as banal as one’s key ring?

Just something to ponder…


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