Vegas, baby, Vegas!!!

Well, I’ve booked our flights, and Cute Husband and I are heading for the Valley after a short stop in Vegas.  I’m totally stoked.  I’ve been to Vegas a bunch of times (the last trip was in ’04 for a friend’s birthday bash with the girls), and Cute Husband has now been twice (both for bachelor parties – one was Marty’s and the other was his own), but we’ve never gone together.  So this is going to be way cool.  I’m so psyched!

The trip home is multi-purpose: (1) to see my parents before they leave for the Philippines, and (2) for our “at home” day where we’ll get to see all my friends and relatives who weren’t able to make it to the wedding – as well as some of those who were there!  It’s going to be a better visit than the last trip home in July – that lasted less than 24 hours and was solely to say goodbye to one of my dad’s best friends.  Sad as it was, it really hit home how much like family my friends and their parents are and made me want to hold them that much closer.

I’m so excited!  We’re going to Vegas! (And Disneyland… We’re going to Disneyland for a day.)


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